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Civil Society
a Fair Play Actor of  European Union

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Civil Society Cup 2016 in Iasi - Romania
Kick-off Conference

The kick-off conference of the project  
Civil Society   –   a Fair Play   Actor of    European Union
took place
at Romanian Ministry of Youth and Sport, on 17 th of March

We had honor to have with us at the event:
Mr. Andrei POPESCU - State Secretary – Romanian Ministry of Youth and Sport
Representatives of all five international partners of the project (EuroDEMOS – Romania, Vision 2020 Leadership Initiative – UK, Youth Center BIT – Slovenia, TDM 2000 – Italy,
IRRSA – Bulgaria).

Mr. Ciprian PARASCHIV, Development Manager - Romanian Football Federation;
Mr. Daniel STATESCU, Director of Sport and Youth Iasi County Directorate;
Mr. Stefan Cristian SANDULACHE, Executive Director of Sport and Youth Bucharest Directorate.

In the event, on the ball symbol of the project, were sent messages from representatives of Football Federation, Sport and Youth Directions, media and Ministry of Youth and Sport. Mr. Andrei POPESCU noted the Olympics motto: "Citius, Altius, Fortius" ("Faster, Higher, Stronger").

International Public Debate

EuroDEMOS Association developed within   the international project  Civil Society   –   a Fair Play   Actor of    European Union the  debate  

"Sport   -   a   healthy lifestyle "

on  16 March 2016 starting with 14:00 at   
Vasile Pogor   Hall   -   Iasi City Hall.

At the debate  attended international representatives   of:  
EuroDEMOS   Association   -   Romania ,  
Vision   2020   Leadership   Initiative   –   UK,  
Youth Center   BIT   - Slovenia,   
TDM   2000   –   Italy,   
IRRSA   - Bulgaria.

The project Civil Society   project   -   a   Fair Play   Actor   of European Union aims to promote sports activities   and   volunteering   together with   social inclusion   and gender equality   in   sport. Through  its activities , the project  will help raise   awareness   on the   importance of physical activity   for health.

Civil Society   Project   –   a Fair Play   Actor  of European Union  is funded   by   the European Union through Erasmus +   Sport   Programme .

For more information we invite you to access EuroDEMOS Facebook

International Training Course

EuroDEMOS Association will organize
the international training

The value of grassroots sport
for education and youth work

that will take place in Iasi, Romania
between 8 th  – 17 th  April 2016

with 30 participants youth workers and youth leaders from 10 European countries.

The training is developed within the project
Civil Society – a Fair Play Actor of the European Union co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.

In the selection process of the participants
will be taken into consideration:

- to know English (this will be the language used within the training)
- to be involved in youth work
- to be actively involved in youth field
- to be motivated to be trained on the topics of the training
- to disseminate and fructify the competences and knowledge acquired during the training within the local community
- to be over 18 years old
- to participate on the whole duration of the training

For more information and application form
we invite you to access EuroDEMOS Facebook or

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