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                          Contact making seminar

Youth work versus Euroscepticism


The project Youth work versus Euroscepticism included as main activities the European contact making seminar that took place on 07-16 September 2021 and the public campaign of promoting the European Union values.

The project involved 11 partner organizations from Romania, Italy, Slovenia, Turkey, Spain, Greece, North Macedonia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Serbia, Czech Republic.

Themes of the project: European solidarity, combating Euroscepticism, use of media tools in youth activities, social inclusion, equity and equal opportunities at European level.


The project objectives:  
Development of international cooperation among the partner organisations;
Creation of future projects of fighting euroscepticism.
Creating an intercultural environment for sharing information, experiences and models of good practices concerning the development of youth sector.

The European seminar Youth work versus Euroscepticism included activities to strengthen the European partnership, develop new Erasmus+ youth projects to support European solidarity and combat Euroscepticism and create media tools to promote European solidarity.

European values campaign

The project Youth work versus Euroscepticism, through its contact making seminar structure responded to the objectives and strategies of the organizations involved in increasing capacity, attractiveness and international dimension and motivation to innovate and improve quality in youth activity, increase capacity to address the needs of young people exposed to propaganda of misinformation.

Taking advantage of the unprecedented context encountered at European level, Eurosceptic currents have developed even more during Coronavirus pandemic, on a ground of uncertainty using misinformation and fake news and young people are a category with a high level of vulnerability of fake news. Investing in education and training and youth activities are some of the solutions with long-term impact to prevent the vulnerability of young people to the avalanche of information of today that seeks the propaganda of currents of opinion against European values ​​and principles.

The seminar was based on methods specific to non-formal education and includes team building activities, TV show simulation, interactive presentations of organizations, role play on common good practices in the youth activity of partners, mindmap: Euroscepticism in Europe, vulnerable target groups of Euroscepticism trends; workshop Creating media tools to promote European identity, laboratory of projects to promote European identity and reach disadvantaged groups, practical visit to Radio and TV institutions, walk and talk on development of the international dimension of youth activity of partners.

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