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Young Entrepreneur Empowerment
Action 3.1 Training Course in Malta
30th April - 5th May 2014

To encourage youth to be creative and entrepreneurial in their thoughts, ideas and actions so as to empower them to shift from job seeking to job creation.

a) To learn all about entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial spirit
b) To provide youth with the tools and resources needed to become young entrepreneurs
c) To give youth the tools so that they understand how best to brainstorm, find a niche in the market to exploit, lubricate the mind to generate ideas
d) To give youth the tools to conduct market research and how to find the most valuable information that would help them take decisions about their new start up
e) To empower youth and provide them with the know-how and essential marketing tools when launching a new start-up company
f) To introduce youth to all the support services, in their countries and in the EU which they can use to their advantage when it comes to funding and investments in a new start up
g) To empower youth and provide them with the know-how and tips behind client management and customer care
h) To empower youth and provide them with the know-how and tips behind recruitment and finding the best person for a job
i) To bring the entire project to a climax in a final workshop where the youth take the lead, come up with a product or service through a brainstorming session and pitch it through any form of media to the entire delegation
j) To learn how Non-Formal education methods and the YiA programme can contribute towards learning about entrepreneurship
k) To increase the interest of the partner NGO members and members of the partners’ networks when it comes to the importance entrepreneurship
l) To foster mutual understanding and to live and learn in a multi-national, multi-cultural, inter-continental society for a few days and improve one’s cooperative and contributing skills in a team environment.

: Today youth unemployment has become one of the major issues across the world. At this point in time circa 75 million young people are seeking employment in the world and in Europe, close to one in four young people are out of work. The repercussions of these worrying figures could lead to an increased level of poverty and social exclusion with a potentially widening gap between the older and younger generations. This in turn would bring about a whole new array of problems alone.
All of the above is a testimony to the fact that special attention should be given to provide our youth with the tools and resources that they need to enter the labour market. Entrepreneurship is a key element in creating more quality job opportunities for youth. Empowering entrepreneurs will see the much needed shift from job seeking to job creation.

Eligible countries
Azerbaijan, Belarus, Estonia, Georgia, Moldova, Romania, Turkey, Ukraine, Hungary.

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