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European Guests of the Tea go on a Round-the-World"
Rize - Turkey, 24 – 31 October 2013


Like in a lot of countries, tea is a main beverage in everyday life in Turkey. Even if it’s only a beverage, people have to prepare and wait for the processes until it’s done and ready to drink. The same is in life. Like tea, people also have some processes during life. And for young people it’s important to go through this processes and gain experiences while growing up. Experiences that they will use all life to be successful and more aware for any kind of problem.

On the other hand, tea is a cultural object that can differ country by country like the social problems of youth while they are on the way to be adult. The main aim of the project is to encourage young people from different countries to meet and share their opinions, their problems and also their ways to solve those problems and to support them to be more aware about theirselves. And additionally they had the opportunity to share their cultures through tea.

In our project we used tea as a tool and we gave it a big meaning to use it as an intercultural topic between young people from different countries. Project was in Homeland of Tea RİZE on October 2013 and the participants was young people at 18-25 ages.

The project was implemented by TUFAK Organization and funded by European Commission through Youth in Action Pogramme.

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