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stepping in the shoes of social entrepreneurship

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Stepping in the shoes of social entrepreneurship

Ensuring the functionality of the social entrepreneurship sector is a major challenge
for contemporary society, an important component that should be developed in Europe mainly to provide groups with fewer opportunities, especially among the younger generation, the necessary framework for active involvement in the social development.
Entrepreneurship should be a basic element of education that should be received by anyone since a young person, including financial education. Social entrepreneurship brings financial education together with community education to engage and help disadvantaged groups, care for the community and develop a civic spirit that any nation needs.


Through social entrepreneurship, the entrepreneur seeks to bring a change by offering a service or product that aims at an undeveloped segment of the market, one that has a high degree of demandand at the same time, contributes to the integration into the labor market of disadvantaged people (persons with medical problems, with disabilities, without housing, etc.)
By developing social entrepreneurship among young people, a new responsible generation can be trained, that will always take into account the ethical values of the community and will advocate for a common purpose, that of integrating all people into a quality life in the community.

The objectives of the project are:
- To develop 33 youth workers from 11 countries with skills and attitudes of involving young people inthe development of social entrepreneurship;
- To increase the knowledge of the participants with 2 concrete tools of development in social entrepreneurship that can be used to increase the employability of young people;
- To develop the organizational capacity of 11 partners from 11 countries in the field of social entrepreneurship as a way of supporting marginalized young people for integration into the labor market.

The training on the theme of social entrepreneurship is conceived in the context in which from the point of view of social-economic rights the social entrepreneurship responds to the need to ensureaccess to work and decent living sources, in the conditions in which the unregulated labor market produces lack of jobs, unemployment and multiple forms of precarious work, without the social entrepreneurship replacing the responsibilities of the state towards its citizens, but only by capitalizing the resources of civil society, the economic sphere and the public administration in order to find innovative solutions to the social problems of the community.
Moreover, NGOs have the human resources to carry out social projects and to materialize them, they need the financial resources found in the business sector that should be trained as well from the perspective of social entrepreneurship.

The project "Stepping in the shoes of social entrepreneurship" will had as main activity the international training with 33 participants, leaders and youth workers from 11 countries that took place from 23 September to 02 October 2021 in Iasi, Romania.

The agenda included complimentary activities, diverse non-formal methods.

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