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for Youth Lifestyle

Entrepreneurship should be considered as a mindset that can be usefully applied in all working activities and in daily life and refers to an individual's ability to turn ideas into action.

Starting from this perspective, EuroDEMOS Association developed the international project Social Entrepreneurship for Youth Lifestyle, that too
k place in Iasi, Romania, between 08th  – 17th  July 2015 and at which participated 27 youth leaders and youth workers from EU and from neighbouring countries: Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Czech Republic, Italy, Lithuania, Romania, Republic of Moldova, Spain and Hungary.

The project activities were based on non formal education methods.
At the end of the project the participants received
specialized training kits and Youthpass certificates.
To promote the project results was
created a blog and a movie of the project.

Movie of the project
Testimonies of participants
Movie of the project on Vimeo
Photos from the training
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