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ROSE – Romania Self Evaluation

The project addresses to quality assurance problems in educational institutions/providers in urban and rural areas, with focus on difficulties of objective evaluation for achieving the students’ learning needs. The project approaches improvement of quality in education through an on-line process of self-evaluation by teachers/trainers in comparison with the perceptions of their students on the same piece of learning, touching a larger quality improvement framework based on the Common Quality Assurance Framework.

The project aims to transfer results and experiences obtained in the projects QUTE and SEKER (methodology of self-evaluation with computer aided web application) in Romania in order to raise the quality in vocational education system and to contribute to recognition and validation of non-formal education outcomes.

The consortium represent wide range of social partners in VET community - state institutions in education, public administration in rural areas, university, software development and consultancy firm, regional VET schools, VET and non-formal training providers, regional adult vocational training commission.
The consortium comprises initial and transfer of innovation developers of the project methodology, organisations with experience in providing VET and non formal education and in international projects and with staff with high level of expertise.

The project will have as results introduction of new self evaluation methodology in Romanian VET and non- formal education system; updated QUTE methodology and tools of self evaluation for VET providers; adapted QUTE self-evaluation methodology for non-formal and adult vocational training providers; prepared resource persons; an efficient partnership between different social actors from Romania, Bulgaria, Slovenia and Turkey.

Envisaged impact of the project includes more attractive VET providers as teachers/trainers and educational providers recognise students’ needs, improvement of skills and competencies with quality assessment of vocational training, improved collaboration of VET and social partners, improved culture of quality improvement through self evaluation, raised quality in VET.

Duration: 24 months (01.01. 2012 – 31.12.2013)

Interview at Iasi TV Life
Photo from the kick off meeting
Interview at Radio Iasi
Photo from the first testing of the platform
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