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Notes in Music, Adults in Europe

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Notes in Music, Adults in Europe

The workshop idea was inspired by an analogy between harmony of different notes in a beautiful melody and cohabitation of different cultures of Europe. The participants are going to sing together, act together, work together and finally experience unified taste of intercultural exchange during the workshop.

One week long workshop will take place between 25/11/2012 and 01/12/2012  in Ankara. Our adult learners will separate into groups according to their abilities, wishes and interests and each group will perform a different folkloric dance belonging to a different region of Turkey. The participants will have a chance to show their own national or regional cultural and artistic traditions through workshop activities.

The workshop envisages thematic cultural visits to important spots of Ankara city and will be finalized by a folkloric dance performance of all groups in front of local audience.


Who are we?

Tourism Folklore Research Center (TUFAK) was established in 1958 and has a 54-years history in dealing with all aspects of Turkish traditional dances. Bringing together the people who has an interest in folkloric dances and music and helping them develop themselves in this area by wide range of training and guidance activities are main missions of the the Center.

TUFAK has served as an adviser body in formulation of educational cultural programmes to several institutions which carry out adult training activities such as Public Education Centres ( aiming to train people who are no longer in formal education system), Work Schools (aiming to make disabled persons join to working life as qualified persons mainly) and Olgunlas,ma Institute (aiming to train women who are out of formal educational activities). The Center designed and executed certification programmes for graduates of those institutions.

The Center has a successful background of participation to national and international activities during his history, including three times world championship in the traditional dance category and many national awards.

TUFAK has been involving more and more in European projects in recent years, including Euromed, Lifelong Learning Programme and the EU Youth in Action projects.

The Center has had one of the richest human resources in Turkey in terms of quantity and quality of learners, involved professional trainers and volunteers.

We aim to share our experiences, interact with each other, cooperate, develop the cultural exchange and give feedback on our products.

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