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from Inclusion to Employability, a Sustainable Process
 20-27 August 2014, Larnaca– Cyprus

   Hosting Organization: 123 Systima Proskopon Lysis (123 Scouts of Lysis)

9 partner countries:
Belarus, Moldova, Armenia, Slovakia, Greece, Romania, Italy, Georgia and Ukraine

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The Seminar Migration: from inclusion to employability, a sustainable process aimed to improve the work of youth workers and leaders within issues related with migration and youth. Within the seminar it was putted the accent on the capacity building of different youth organizations to go towards the involvement of youth with migrant background, also working with their "hosting societies", the image that their peers have towards immigrants, and the building of sustainable strategies for their active inclusion in society and in the labour market.

In the 7 days of the seminar, the 30 youth workers received useful tools and practical instruments for their work, and they shared their experiences, best practices, obstacles, and ideas on how to work on inclusion of youngsters with migrant background. The activity was concentrated on topics such as the concept of migration, different kind of migrants, push and pulls factors, institutions dealing with migration, strategies for employability, and how youth NGOs work in the field.

Non formal education was the main methodology used in the seminar. The methods used included group discussions, round tables, theater, simulations, and activities stimulating creativity and participation of young people.

Photos from the project
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