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European tools
for adults
literacy in democracy
3 -14 June 2014, Iasi - Romania

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Photos from the starting press confference
Photos from closing press conference

The project is addressing to the staff and professionals working in the field of adult literacy education, interested in their growth in the pedagogical and counseling literacy activities.

According the latest EU states report, the literacy crisis affects every country in Europe. Our societies need to face this hidden crisis and all need to act, and act together, to boost literacy levels and to reduce illiteracy.
Combating illiteracy is not just a challenge for teachers and educators, but for all members of society. By failing to enable all citizens to succeed at school, learn job skills and actively participate in new- technology training programs, our society is depriving itself of considerable unvalued resources.

Inability to access basic training and illiteracy are unacceptable breaches of democracy not only because they deprive citizens of the reading and writing skills that are essential in our changing society, but also because they condemn people to silence, non-communication, lack of active and civic participation and hence to social exclusion and de facto non-citizenship.

The project European tools for adults literacy in democracy develops pedagogical competences and teaching skills among the participants in order to facilitate the social inclusion of illiterate adults in democracy through prepared resource persons and innovative tools in adult literacy education.

It will be developed an innovative Pack of Pedagogical Tools for adult literacy, providing knowledge, know-how, teaching and counseling methods for illiterate adult education (including adults with special needs). The Pack of tools will have 4 main chapters: tool for teaching, ICT pedagogical tools, tools for social inclusion and tools for organizational management.

The workshop is promoting European cooperation between the partners, raising the quality of their operational capacity by providing them a dedicated Strategy at institutional level for adult literacy education programs.

Photos from the GRUNDTVIG workshop

The project is contributing to the:

  • Improvement of the quality and accessibility of mobility throughout Europe of individuals involved in adult education and to increase its volume

  • Improvement of the quality and the volume of cooperation between organisations involved in adult education throughout Europe

  • Programs to assist people from vulnerable social groups and in marginal social contexts, in particular older people and those who have left education without basic qualifications, in order to give them alternative opportunities to access adult education

  • Development of innovative practices in adult education and their transfer, including from a participating country to others

  • Development of innovative ICT-based content, pedagogies and practice for lifelong learning

  • Improvement of the pedagogical approaches and the management of adult education organisations

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