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EuroDEMOS and Kasta Morrely representatives participated at the

International Youth Conference
Krusevo, 2011



The traditional conference "European values for the future of Southeastern European Countries 2011" is part of the long term initiative of International Youth Conferences organized by YAK since 2003. Fifty-five (55) active young people from 14 countries (Macedonia (host country), Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Germany, Kosovo under UNSC 1244/1999, Monte Negro, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia and Turkey) focused on promoting the European values as common values of young people in SEE.

Throughout five days, the participants made critical and self-critical reviews of the policies implemented in SEE through sharing and discussing common problems concerning youth. The theoretical input, which was based on good practices about the potential of the actual multicultural EU models and Balkan 2014, rose awareness among youth about the significance of the regional cooperation for EU integration. The conference blended social interaction with cultural and educational components into one cohesive experience.

The interaction of the participants provokes communication and dialogue that, throughout the event, provided an unparalleled learning experience and cross-cultural adventure. The opportunity that they had to interact with the authorities (the guest speakers) encouraged them to continue the dialog with the decision-makers and on the long-term, was established a higher level of dialogue between both parties.

With a wide range of nationalities participating in the conference, we stressed cross-cultural understanding and an open-minded exchange of different national perspectives on global issues. Among the many events packed into the five days, The Conference recognized communication, cooperation, and dialogue to be the most important aspects of the conference. The individuals that were part of the conference are each other's best resource in uncovering the similarities and differences between people from different backgrounds coming from diverse geographical locations. By bringing over 13 nationalities together, and exposing them to real regional issues, we were strengthening relationships and cooperation between the youth from different countries and creating a network between the future leaders of the region.

The proposed program allows and offers an increase in knowledge and exchanging experiences which resulted with an official document of the conference “Youth appeal for action”. We invite you to read the document on the right side of the page.

As youth leaders, youth workers, NGO representatives and young people we should be proud that we are the key transformational force of our societies and contribute to opening and connecting the SEE region to Europe.

For more information the organizer invites you on  the Conference page.

Youth Appeal for Action
Youth appeal for youth actions for supporting EU integration of SEE

1. Encourage investment in right skills – Although the current generation of young people in SEE is the most highly educated in history the problem “Youth Unemployment” is the biggest our problem.  In a rapidly changing economic environment in Southeast Europe, many university graduates are unemployed.  It is essential young people to be part of the solution of the problem “Youth Unemployment in SEE” through develop employability by youth work.  
2. Youth work and Learning mobility -
quality and impact of learning mobility of the young people from South East Europe. Applingexisting good practices from non-formaleducation programmes in order to support successfulmobility programmes in formal education.
3. Promotion of Youth Participation – the issue of youth participation in decision making process and in society is priority for action in SEE.  Youth actions and activities aiming at development ofquality standards onyouth participation,information and consultationmust be seen as agents in the promotion of youth participation .
4. Eradicate social exclusion –
social inclusion and priorities for youth actions: low income, education, health and special problem groups. Youth work can help to deal with this problem through making young people more employable, makingavailable jobs more accessible,special attention to inclusion of young people with fewer opportunities, striving to equality of chances for all young people.
5. Assure quality of volunteering –
development of volunteering values in Balkan region,Reflection on volunteering,volunteers, motivation of volunteers and community work. Influence of international organizations andsupportersofyouth activism and volunteering in South East Europe.
6. Improve health issues of young people –
health problems of young people in SEE – sexual health, mental health, addictions, injures. Given that the risk of health problemsis directly linked to individual behavior, it is essential for young people to receive information, preventive tools and health services, including undergoing voluntary testing and counseling to reduce the risk of health problems.
7. Promotion of environmental sustainability – actions for raising awareness about environmental stability and stimulating young people's responsibility towards environment. We want young people to contribute for sustainable consumption, effective use of resources, waste management and reuse.
8. Promote gender equality – Gender equality is, above all, a human right. It is essential to improve women’s living conditions through education, employment and health.
9. Encourage NGO partnership for regional cooperation – the goal is to enhance regional cooperation between civil societies in South East Europe.

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