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International Youth Conference 2015

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International Youth Conference
Krusevo, 2015


Short description
The International Youth Conference "European Values for the Future of the SEE Countries" was held for the very first time in 2003. The European values in the SEE countries were a significant issue affecting everyone. Now, 13 years from the organization of the first conference, the topic is still fresh and unanswered, but the political – economic map of the region has notably changed. Although all countries embarked from the same point, the situation today with all of them is different. Some of the countries of the region like Slovenia, Bulgaria, Romania and Croatia became members of the Euro-Atlantic integration structures. Others, like Montenegro and Serbia are already on a good path to achieving their goal.
The strategy of expanding the EU not only promotes stability, but also is based on regional collaboration, mutual understanding and respect, healthy neighborly relations based on open cooperation, reconciliation and addressing issues of the past with sobriety.

With a strong focus on multiplier effect and sustainable impact, the International Youth Conference "European Values for the Future of SEE countries" 2015 aims to spread the word and inspire further youth actions for promotion of European Values among young people. The project will involve and combine different actions in order to get the most out of its results.

Expected Changes:
I. Changes regarding the participants’ organizations:
·         Empowered youth NGOs by youth workers and leaders with new competences and knowledge;
·         New contacts with organizations from the SEE region and in-deepen old one as for future better promotion of European Values among young people in the region and as contribution to the regional cooperation and networking;
·         Strong platform of youth workers, leaders and active young people and space for exchange of ideas for future collaborations and actions;
II. Civil society
In general this Conference will contribute to the raising awareness about the role that the civil society has for the contribution to the EU enlargement process of the SEE.  Participation is KEY to democracy and young people want to have a say, they want to participate and be actors of the social changes.
Throughout the conference the participants are guided by the facilitators, who as former IYC participants possess the knowledge and skills necessary to facilitate the discussions and the activities of the conference. Being peers to the participants, they can easier identify the needs, choose better approaches and adjust to working moods and behavioral patterns of the participants, thus positively affecting the group dynamics and the overall success of the conference.

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