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International Youth Conference 2014

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12th International Youth Conference
European Values for the Future of the
Southeastern European Countries !

25 -29 September 2014, Krusevo


About Conference

The European Union is founded on the values of respect for human dignity, liberty, democracy, equality, the rule of law and respect for human. They are common to all Member States, and any European country wishing to become a member of the Union must respect them.

The main aim
of the International Youth Conference is contribution of young people not just in EU integration of the region but also in the change in the system of values, in Europeanization of the region and making SEE a real component of Europe, as a system of values.


How young people can contribute in the process of promotion of the European values:

  • What should be the right way to establish a dialogue? – Building a culture of dialogue & Living together as equals in dignity

  • Is it anyhow possible to shape policy jointly? → Through learning processes and exchage of best practices

  • We are all different and that we can learn it, we can correct mistakes, we have to accept that we make mistakes.

  • First I need to have a vision and then I come to the goal. Plan and do not let life surprise you with something unexpected.

  • Do not be alone, be better organized and place your all ideas in a platform. Do not act alone regardless of the challenges in front of you.  

  • If you are not equal, the love will not be equal as well! Being treated equally with others is our basic human right.

  • What is Europe for young people? A set of values, norms, beliefs, customs …. Set that connects people


Youth Alliance from Krusevo with many partners has promoted European Values for 11 years, particularly by supporting the mobility of young people, their encouragement to be leaders and creators of the future as well as civil society and youth leaders cooperation across Europe and South East Europe. Youth work and youth policy are more crucial than ever for South East Europe and Europe. We, the young people, need European solutions that are translated into practice at the national level.

The International Youth Conference "European Values for the Future of SEE Countries" is response to the challenge. 55 participants from South East Europe and Europe will come to Krusevo for the eleventh time to discuss current issues and explore new approaches in youth policy and youth work across South East Europe and Europe in general.


We strongly believe that the involvement of those who are the subjects of the policies to be developed is essential if unintended consequences are to be effectively addressed. Policymaking should be seen as a process which works with young people rather than for young people, if it wants to be successful in delivering solutions which support young people and are also responsive to their longer term needs.

The 12th International Youth Conference "European Values for the Future of SEE Countries" seeks to create new perspectives for SEE’s and Europe's young people and in turn, to contribute towards creating a Europe of citizens and European perspective of SEE through deep understanding of the European Values among young people.

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