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12-18 March 2014

“I S(up)port” is a multilateral Youth Exchange that tooked place in Konya,Ilgın, Turkey between 12-18 of March 2013. The project involved 30 youngsters from Turkey, Romania,Latvia, Italy, Malta and Greece.

In recent years, the important factor affecting the expansion of irregular life is to become widespread of technology, and therefore, it is decrease of human movement to the minimum level. Subsequently, unhealthy lifestyle, obesity and various diseases have occured. According to the researches, among the causes of obesity there are inactivity and irregular eating apart from heredity and genetic factors.


In our project, was discussed about irregular life and the resulting issues. The first issue which discussed was the problem of obesity. There are several reasons that cause of obesity. These are irregular and unhealthy eating habits and excessive inactivity, as well as it is associated with human psychology.
For the prevention of obesity, measures to be taken were discussed during the project, the participants understood intimately the importance of the danger.

During the project, calorific value of everything they eat was given to participants in the form of the ruler. İn this way,they had eat by being conscious of what kind of food and how much food they eat. For these purposes, in the early days of our project, primarily we determined various unifying team games and ice-breaking games for the participants.
Following these games, some issues were discussed by creating working groups, such as what kind of movements can the metabolism of a man working at a desk all day activate, the nutritional value of foods we eat and in connection with this, how to calculate calories, the utopian health countries of participants and their predictions about these utopian countries.

As for outdoor activities ; Making plates in the leadership of expert fitness instructors , attracting the attention of the people, we planned to add visibility to project by spreading the participants in Kültür Park, and starting to play sports simultaneously, Organising a tour in Konya through using the bike which is a means of transportation of both health and nature-friendly, planing to sport in the cradle of peace, Kent Forest which combines oxygen and nature.
We will organize Konya city tour during to Project. So that ,Historical and cultural values of konya will be introduced to our participants. Then we visited various institutions in our Project so we aim to show that our country how give important to the sport and the healty life.

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