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Training European
Grow your organisation,
link it to Europe
18-29 June 2015, Iasi - Romania

         Civil society has an important role in increasing citizens’ awareness on the communities and global problems as well as for proper attitude toward these.
Human resource development within civil society therefore is crucial for achieving a vibrant participatory society and to generate good governance.
In the new socio-economic context, NGO´s need more than ever to build credibility and increase the reputation in the society
In the EU context, the role of civil society has often been expressed in terms of closing the gap between EU politics and ordinary citizens, and has been invoked to indicate that the EU institutions acting alone cannot solve the EU’s legitimacy problems.

About the project

The Project "Grow your organisation, link it to Europe" was created
as a response to the necessity of organizations acting in the youth field do develop qualitatively, to increase their capacity of work at European level within the frame of Erasmus + programme, to train their youth leaders, to provide activities suited to the needs of young people, to know how to attract qualified staff in the organizations projects, to adapt and respond specifically to the needs of young people.
The main activity of the project was a training that took place in Iasi, Romania, between on 18-29 June 2015, coordinated by Kasta Morrely Organization

Partner countries: Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Latvia, Macedonia, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain and Turkey.  

The training activities were based on non-formal methods mind mapping, role play, work-shop, brainstorming, swot analysis, learning in a European multicultural context, interactive sessions held by experts.

Themes approached:
organizational management, human resources, European projects, funding and fundraising, organizational promotion via on-line methods, media, dissemination activities and follow-up.
The project facilitated the exchange information between the promoters on activities and non-formal methods of working with young people, making long-term partnership between participant organizations and connecting the promoters with European networks such as Salto, Involved Youth Coalition etc.

The project included the creation as sustainable resource for youth organizations capacity development a Brochure on organizational development.

The participants received specialized Training Kits and Youthpass certificates.

Photos from the training
Testimonies of participants
Workshop for students
Brochure dissemination
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