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Generating Added value, Innovation and Networking for EVS

Sardinia, Italy



The acronym GAIN EVS means that through this project, we aim at Generating Added value, Innovation and Networking for EVS. Many youth organizations are facing the challenge of keeping the assessment of needs of the community, and the planning and implementation of EVS activities connected with them, up to date and relevant for the times in which we are living. Often there is a broken bridge in the field of communication between the different actors and stakeholders involved in EVS projects, and the NGOs taking part in it keep on working in the same way, without aiming at innovative and modern approaches that can improve the quality of their actions.



Therefore we wish, through our project, to provide the opportunity for those organizations working on EVS  or that are aiming to start  the process of EVS accreditation,  to come together and compare experiences, know more about different partners, their working culture, experiences and best practices, know more about local reality of the organizations, settle a common understanding of working standards, and help improve the quality of work within EVS projects. The project, moreover, will help us to make sure, that our services and actions are based 100% on the needs and realities of our target groups and beneficiaries, improving our actions in the field, establishing an efficient networking among serious NGOs, and exchanging best practices for empowering of quality within EVS projects in Europe.

It will last  14 months, and will take place in Sardinia, Italy, involving 15 partners from different countries in Europe, 8 of which with a proved experience in the field of EVS, while the other 7 are aiming to get involved starting from accreditation process. The project includes three stages: a contact making event, to put a structural focus on co-operation and networking, and get to know the partners in a prospective way, as well as their organization needs and find the potential ideas, which can be applied in the communities later, also generating follow-up opportunities; a training course, where the representatives of partner NGOs will discuss about quality and best practices to achieve it, along with innovative ideas for EVS project and process for EVS accreditation; last but not least, we will realize an international seminar where the partners will evaluate the path done and disseminate its results.

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