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Europe, my country
2015 - 2016


Short presentation of the project

EuroDEMOS Association from Romania together with partners from Associazione TDM 2000 from Italy, Vision 2020 Leadership Initiative from United Kingdom and Youth Alliance from Republic of Macedonia implemented the project „Europe, my country”, co-funded by the Europe for Citizens Programme of the European Union.

The project „Europe, my country” aimed to
encourage democratic participation and active citizenship by building the citizens ownership and understanding regarding the legislative procedures and institutions within EU.

The project included different activities to involve the main actors of democracy in the debate regarding the gap between citizens, civil society and decision makers: inquiry, conferences, workshops, campaigns, offering community feedback to MEPs, etc.

Another pillar of the project is to strengthen the civil society, to contribute to the engagement of citizens at the democratic life of the EU  was implemented through activities as accredited training course, building partnerships, developing documents for further actions, etc.

Main activities

I. Preparatory partners meeting
II. Civic inquiry regarding the activity of MEPs in EU countries:
Romania, Italy and UK and of the parliamentarians in Macedonia. In all the countries in totally were questioned more than 6 500 persons and the results with the citizens feed-back were made publicly in each country.
III. Public campaign to promote EU citizenship and participation – it was developed in all partners communities(RO, IT, UK, MK) and included different activities adapted to the local community needs like: street campaign, workshops, Info day, on-line promotion  etc.
IV. 4 Conferences:
1 international conference in Romania and 3 national conferences in Italy, United Kingdom, Macedonia
V. Accredited Training on Civic and Social Competences - Romania
VI. Promoting the final document to relevant stakeholders

International Conference Romania
National Conference Italy
Project visibility
National Conference Macedonia
National Conference UK

I. Preparatory partners meeting

The partners meeting took place in Romania in Iasi and in Bucharest between 03 – 06 November 2015 and were present 6 representatives from the coordinator and the partners in the project: Romania, Italy, United Kingdom and Macedonia.
In Bucharest the partners meeting was developed at the House of Parliament – were the parliament develops its activity and the participants had the opportunity to meet directly with one of the deputy in Romania: Mr. Sorin Avram Iacoban.


PUBLIC activity of the project


To show publically the Civic Gratitude (the gratitude of the community), EuroDEMOS with partners from Italy, FYRO Macedonia and UK is carrying out a public enquiry regarding the way it is perceived by the citizens the activity of the elected European Parliamentarians.

PLEASE select the MEPs you what to evaluate:

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