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the European Common Story!
12nd September – 19th September 2014

Project funded by European Union

Key Action 1: Learning Mobility of Individuals
Project name: Discover the European Common Story!
Project date: 12 – 19 September 2014
Place: Vekeri tó/Debrecen / HUNGARY
Organization: SZÍN-BÁB Egyesület
Participants: Participants of the project are from: Italy, Portugal, Romania, Ukraine and Hungary

The organizers:
The SZIN-BAB Association bases its work in the field of nature protection, education through sport and outdoor activities and Puppet Theater using non-formal and informal educational methods, promoting teamwork, sharing of responsibilities, discovering other cultures etc.
Our objectives among others are: to create and develop national and international youth exchanges to promote European partnership in youth field, professional development of the standards and European practices, to organize summer schools, camps and conferences, to promote social initiatives among young people, to create and develop different programs and trainings.
We focus on developing projects in a democratic way among young people and promoting concept of active European citizenship.

The DISCOVER THE EUROPEAN COMMON STORY!” Project was held between 12 – 19 September 2014. It is a multilateral youth exchange with the aim of improving the knowledge and skills of the young participants and youth workers with information about the subject of the project.
In this case, the project aims to develop cultural understanding, initiative and entrepreneurship.
With that goal, the project involved a total of 30 people (5 participants between the age of 18-25 + 1 leader, no age limit) from 5 different countries. Throughout the project, were developed activities jointly with the partners in order to exchange experiences on the subject while doing games and developing group dynamics. All of the participating groups and participants acquired new puppet techniques, tactics and strategies in general, and developed information dissemination elements to create a multiplier effect by young people once they return to their place of origin.
The language of the project was English.

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