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Education is key to success

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Education is the Key to Success
21.11.2015 – 30.11.2015

"Education is the Key to Success" is a youth exchange project under Erasmus+ Programme, which will be organized by Dörtyol Genç Egitimciler Topluluğu. Our group has dynamically been working on education, human rights, child abuse, democratic citizenship, discrimination, prejudice, peace and tolerance topics.
In our city, there are many youths and children who work for their families instead of their unemployed parents or family members and these youths take all the pressure on their shoulder about financing the family.
In our project we aim to emphasize that these youths' work are not worthy enough for the family or the community; and also this situation negatively effects the whole society and the public in long term.

With this project, we want to create solutions to the early school abandoning problems with the participant youths from different countries and raise awareness on the importance of education in our country and other countries, as well. Debates and discussions about early school abandoning reasons will make the youths to understand the education system and its aims in a better way. Also, youths will have the opportunity to develop their own ideas and share with the policy& decision makers. Additionally, we aim to develop the quality of the education on local level since this project will create international links between the local educational authorities.

We want to catch the attention of the public on this: "Education is the key to success" This motto and project title will be highlighted by 42 participant youths in the project with awareness campaigns. Non-formal education methods will be used in the project and there will be intercultural dialogue and idea exchanges between the youths about the topic and possible solutions. Our target groups are project participants, students, families and parents, teachers, decision makers; in short, all the public from local to global. We will inform these people with activities, interviews, debates and campaign activities during the project application and activities.

Project Coordinator,
Ms. Duygu TÜFEKCİ , +90 505 815 67 15

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