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Knowing the cohesion policy,
factor of consolidating the European identity

The project Knowing the cohesion policy, factor of consolidating the European identity is developed between March 2018 – February 2019 in Romania by EuroDEMOS Association and aims to enhance public awareness on the EU cohesion policy through complementary applicative means of promotion as a way of increasing the citizens sense of belonging to the European community.


The political agenda of the European Union for the next years includes decisions of major importance for the future of the EU: a wide-ranging debate is taking place about the priorities on which the EU should focus. In parallel, a new multi-annual financial framework covering the period after 2020 will be adopted and new programmes and funding mechanisms will be set up to implement them.

The White Paper presented by the European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker on 1 March 2017 has set out possible paths for the future of Europe and is intended to generate a wide and open debate among the European citizens. In this context, it is important that future decisions about priorities for the EU take adequately into account the contribution of Cohesion policy3 to delivering on the EU's priorities and its potential to help reconnect the EU with its citizens.

Public anouncement of the project

The Cohesion policy provides investments in all regions in the EU in order to support job creation, business competitiveness, economic growth, sustainable development, and improve citizens' quality of life across the EU's 276 regions. These investments – which represent a third of the total EU budget - help to deliver on the EU's political priorities. They represent the most tangible and concrete proof of the EU's impact in the daily life of millions of citizens.

However, citizens are still insufficiently aware of the results of cohesion policy and their impacts on their lives. The Eurobarometer survey, published in June 2017, showed that only 35% of citizens are aware about projects funded by the EU Cohesion policy in their regions.
To enable an informed debate about future priorities for the EU and ensure more transparency on how the EU's funds are being used and with what results, citizens should have a better knowledge and awareness of the investment in their countries, regions and cities.

Call for promotors

The main project activities are focused on increasing the visibility of the EU Cohesion policy through:
- Research “The EU cohesion policy in Iasi”;
- Awareness public campaign in the North East region
- Awareness on line campaign at national level
- Media promotion at regional level
- Multi-regional Conference "EU RO Governance"

TV news about the public cafe activities
TV news about the project (from press conference)

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